Expanding your

fuel delivery business

Set Pricing

You set your price.

Manage your Orders

Choose when to accept orders

Get Paid

Receive the money within 72hours.

Easy to use

Wahii adapts to any platform.

About our platform

Wahii Business

Wahii connects you with new clients. The app allows you to set pricing and availability, and offers your fuel delivery service to a growing community of consumers and businesses through an easy to manage app.


First, set your availability and pricing. Wahii will offer your service to customer and send you matching customer orders. These are active orders that you must fulfill. Notify Wahii immediately if you have problems with an order.

You set your own price. Go to your admin pannel to enter delivery hours, price per gallon, minimum gallons, if there is a service fee, what the fee is, and if there are conditions on the fee (e.g. less than X gallons).

To become a distributor, you must be a licensed and insured distributor of fuel. In addition, you must sign a Wahii distributor agreement.